South Dakota Welcomes Wind Blade Manufacturer

August 14, 2006

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds welcomed Knight & Carver Wind Blade Division to South Dakota at a groundbreaking ceremony in Howard on August 1. The governor highlighted a ceremony of state and local officials at the Howard Industrial Maintenance Park in Miner County, which is located in the eastern part of the state about 40 miles northwest of Sioux Falls. The company will begin operating a 26,000 square foot manufacturing and repair facility in November that will employ between 10 and 25 workers.

The governor's office put together a package of incentives in cooperation with the Miner County Community Revitalization District and the Heartland Consumer Power District to lure the company to South Dakota. Gary Kanaby, Knight & Carver Wind Blade Division manager, said the economic incentives provided by the state proved to be attractive.

Rounds said he was very pleased that Knight & Carver chose South Dakota for its manufacturing facility. He said, “It will build on the City of Howard’s efforts to create jobs through wind energy — an industry where South Dakota has great potential.” For more information, see the governor's August 1 press release.

Source: August 11 edition of Wind Energy Weekly, which is published by the American Wind Energy Association.