Massachusetts Governor Releases Energy Plan

August 14, 2006

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney outlined an energy plan on August 11 that will make state government and businesses more energy efficient; fix aging infrastructure; diversify energy resources; and develop new, advanced energy technologies. He instructed the Massachusetts Executive Office of Economic Development and the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs to implement the plan. This fall, these offices will request proposals for wind and biomass power facilities at state buildings and on state lands, convene a summit on advanced energy technologies, and seek a decision on siting offshore receiving terminals for liquid natural gas.

Romney's plan consists of four parts, and some of it will require approval and financing by the Massachusetts Legislature. The governor said, "We have estimated that these four steps will save Massachusetts' residents and businesses more than $575 million over the next 10 years." Romney proposes to

  • Create electricity energy efficiency programs for homes and businesses. Romney says he wants utilities to adopt time-of-day rate structures. And has prepared a series of directives to improve the energy efficiency of state facilities.
  • Increase use of biofuels in state fleets and buildings. The governor says he supports increasing the supply of energy from wood, hydro, and wind energy.
  • Reduce utility rates for businesses that install on-site power generation.
  • Expand energy research at state universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and increase support for technology transfer partnerships with the private sector through the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.

For more information, see the governor's August 11 press release.