Indiana Governor Releases "Hoosier Homegrown" Energy Plan

August 11, 2006

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels released the Hosier Homegrown Energy Strategic Plan in a series of meetings across the state on August 11. Citing Indiana energy consumption statistics and price increases of 50% over the last year for petroleum and natural gas that Indiana imports from outside, the governor presented a plan for the state to use more Indiana produced coal, biomass, and energy efficiency. Daniels said, "With new forms of energy production, such as biodiesel, ethanol and clean coal we will preserve and grow jobs and incomes." See the governor's August 11 press release.

The plan focuses on using indigenous resources to:

  • Substitute imported coal with Indiana produced coal and biomass.
  • Produce electricity, gaseous fuels, and transportation fuels from coal and biomass.
  • Improve energy efficiency

The same day, the governor issued Executive Order 06-14 forming an Interagency Council on Energy to carry out the strategic plan. The chair of the council will be the director of the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development (OEDD). Read the executive order (PDF 207 KB).

OEDD, which also manages the State Energy Program in Indiana, helped the governor's office develop the strategic energy plan. The energy office held meetings with key energy producers and consumers, and held several public meetings about the proposals contained in the plan. See a copy of the Hosier Homegrown Energy Strategic Plan on the Indiana Office of Energy & Defense Development Web site.