Maine Legislature Increases Renewable Requirement to 10% by 2017

July 24, 2006

Maine Governor John Baldacci signed a bill (LD-2041) on June 1 that increases the state's renewable portfolio standard to 10 percent by 2017 and reduces excise taxes on fuels containing at least 2 percent biodiesel by $0.08 per gallon. The bill requires electric power generators to increase their supplies of electricity generated from renewable energy resources by one percent per year starting in 2007. And it sets minimum energy efficiency standards for consumer products not covered by the national Energy Policy Act of 2005. Read LD-2041.

Baldacci called LD-2041 the most comprehensive energy legislation that Maine has passed in a decade. The governor said, “The bill will make Maine more energy independent, it will help to stabilize and reduce Maine homeowner’s and businesses energy bills, and it will help to address the looming threat of catastrophic global climate change." See the governor's June 1 press release.

The Maine Legislature also passed a bill at the end of the 2006 Legislative Session establishing energy-efficiency disclosure for residential property owners. Starting September 1, landlords will have to disclose energy consumption data to tenants to help them estimate their utility bills.

Source: July 2006 edition of the Alliance to Save Energy e-Fficiency News.