Governor Attends Launch of Energy Efficiency Center

April 13, 2006

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger helped to celebrate a $1 million grant from the California Clean Energy Fund to establish the world's leading university center of excellence in energy efficiency. The new center is dedicated to speeding the transfer of energy-saving products and services into the homes and lives of Californians.

Photo of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with UC Davis Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef at the UC Davis Energy Center.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared with UC Davis Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef to launch the UC Davis Energy Center.
Credit: Karen Higgins, UC Davis

Schwarzenegger joined officials of CalCEF and UC Davis, with other government, industry and environmental leaders, in a new campus building featuring state-of-the-art, energy-efficient design and construction.

“I know that with all of us working together — government, the people, businesses, and the brilliant minds at this center here — we will bring a clean, prosperous future to California,” said Schwarzenegger.

The new UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center will bring together leaders in academia, industry, and the investment community to advance innovation in energy efficiency — the state's most critical energy resource. The center will also reinforce California's standing as a national and international leader in energy efficient practices that benefit both the environment and the California economy.

CalCEF awarded the grant to UC Davis because of its exceptional commitment to developing and bringing energy efficient technology to the marketplace. UC Davis will match CalCEF's grant with $1.3 million in operating and research funds, faculty time, and office and laboratory space.

UC Davis officials have designated energy research and education as top campus priorities. The campus values interdisciplinary research and teaching, and 32 faculty members from 11 departments have signed on to the new Energy Efficiency Center. UC Davis also plans to recruit 12 new faculty members in the energy field during the next several years. The Energy Efficiency Center joins the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis), the Biomass Collaborative and the Wind Collaborative, as well as the California Lighting Technology Center as prime examples of UC Davis-led public-private partnerships geared toward solving the state's core energy challenges.

For more information, read the UC-Davis April 12 press release.