Florida Legislature Passes Energy Act

May 07, 2006

On the last day of the 2006 session, the Florida Legislature passed the Florida Energy Act establishing the Florida Energy Commission, designates a sales tax holiday for energy efficient appliances during Energy Efficiency Week October 5 – 11. The Florida House passed the bill, Senate Bill (SB) 888, by a vote of 119 to 1; the vote in the Senate was 39 to 0. The bill takes effect immediately. Read the bill (SB-888 ).

The Florida Energy Commission will be located in the Office of Legislative Services and will make recommendations to the legislature for establishing state energy policy. The act directs the commission to base these recommendations on the principles of reliability, efficiency, affordability, and diversity. The act also directs the Florida Public Service Commission to include fuel diversity as criteria for reviewing the benefits of proposed energy generation projects. The act also streamlines requirements for siting power plants and transmission lines; creates the Renewable Energy Technology Grant Program and the Solar Energy Rebate Program (funded at $2.5 million); establishes a renewable energy production tax credit; and sets a one-week tax holiday for sales of energy efficient products.

Read a more complete summary of the Florida Energy Bill published by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) under the Florida Energy News section of the FSEC WEb site.