New Hampshire Teams with Bank for Loans to Businesses, Creates Energy Database

May 16, 2006

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch announced on May 8 that the state has formed a partnership with Ocean National Bank in Portsmouth to offer discounted loans to businesses to make energy efficiency improvements. The governor made the announcement at a news conference in Concord with Ocean National President Danny H. O'Brien and New Hampshire Business Resource Center Director Roy Duddy. Lynch said at the news conference, "Helping businesses reduce their energy use is key to helping ensure our businesses can continue to grow and create jobs." See the Ocean Energy May 8 press release.

The Business Resource Center will manage the program and coordinate with state utilities to include utility-funded rebates to participating businesses as part of the financing for energy efficiency projects. The rebates are part of a demand-side management program that is funded by a small surcharge on utility bills. Eligible projects include lighting, HVAC upgrades, energy efficient motors, and on-site electricity generation from solar and other distributed renewable energy systems. Participating businesses are also eligible for a free energy efficiency review from the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning (OEP). Read more in a May 15 news story written by Renewable Energy Access and published on the OEP Web site.

On May 11, OEP announced it had developed a database to track expenses in state government. It's part of the Governor's Energy Efficiency Initiative to increase efficiency in state facilities. OEP is exploring opportunities to reduce costs by pooling demand for electricity, natural gas, and heating oil. In addition, state agencies will:

  • Purchase energy-saving Energy Star® office equipment and appliances.
  • Meet fuel economy and emissions standards for state owned cars and trucks.
  • Construct new buildings to exceed the state energy code by 20%.

OEP is taking these steps in order to comply with Governor Lynch Executive Order 2005-4 (PDF 38 KB). OEP is providing funding for a State Energy Manager, who will coordinate activities of state agencies to comply with the executive order.