California Energy Consumption

The graphs and charts below feature statistics on California energy consumption and economic indicators. You can compare these graphs for the state with whichever states you choose.

The indicators represent ratios of energy consumption per capita and per dollar of economic output, and provide a historical summary of the energy efficiency of the energy-consuming sectors in California. These sectors include:

Total Energy Consumption for California Per Capita

One measure of the energy intensity of the California economy deals with the gross measure of total energy consumed divided by the state population. This per capita indicator is a good measure of energy consumption because decisions by individual consumers have an important effect on overall energy consumption.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) State Energy Data System (SEDS database).

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Total Energy Consumption in California per Dollar of Gross State Product

Many world political leaders use an energy intensity indicator that compares energy consumption with gross economic output instead of with population.

Source: EIA SEDS database

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California Energy Consumption by Sector

Analysts and political leaders sometimes look at the breakdown of energy consumption when considering energy policies aimed at conservation and increasing energy efficiency.

Energy consumption in California divides into the major energy consuming sectors as follows:

Source: DOE Energy Information Administration SEDS database.

Total Energy Consumption in California:

For more energy consumption statistics by sector, see: