DOE Announces Webinars on the Buildings Performance Database, Success in Solar Net Metering, and More

July 31, 2013

EERE offers webinars to the public on a range of subjects, from adopting the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to training for the clean energy workforce. Webinars are free; however, advanced registration is typically required. You can also watch archived webinars and browse previously aired videos, slides, and transcripts.

Upcoming Webinars

August 6: Live Webinar on the Buildings Performance Database

Webinar Sponsor: EERE's Commercial Buildings Integration Program

The Energy Department will present a live webinar titled "The Buildings Performance Database: The Power of Data" on Tuesday, August 6, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. The webinar will offer an overview of the Buildings Performance Database (BPD) goals and design principles, a live demo of the database, information on how to contribute data, and a question and answer session. With more than 4,000 users since its launch in June 2013, the BPD provides access to an anonymous dataset of over 65,000 buildings from across the country.

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August 7: Live Webcast on Innovation and Success in Solar Net Metering and Interconnection

Webinar Sponsor: EERE's SunShot Initiative

The Energy Department will present a live webcast titled "Innovation and Success in Solar Net Metering and Interconnection" on Wednesday, August 7, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The webcast will provide an overview of recent successes in efforts to streamline solar interconnection and net metering application processes. It will also include case studies and lessons learned, along with an introduction to new resources for improving net metering and interconnection policies and processes.

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Past Webinar

July 9: Webinar on a New Energy Zones Mapping Tool for the Eastern Interconnection

Webinar Sponsor: Argonne National Laboratory

The Energy Department presented a live webcast titled "New Energy Zones Mapping Tool for the Eastern Interconnection" on Tuesday, July 9. This webcast demonstrated the EISPC Energy Zones Mapping Tool, a Web-based decision support system used to locate areas with high suitability for clean power generation in the U.S. portion of the Eastern Interconnection, which has been developed for the Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council (EISPC) by Argonne National Laboratory in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The tool includes nine clean (low- or no-carbon) energy resource categories and 29 types of clean energy technologies.

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