Energy Department Selects Industry Consortium to Accelerate Development of Next Generation Battery Technologies for Automobiles

May 15, 2013

The Energy Department today announced the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium will lead an industry-wide effort to accelerate development of high-efficiency, cost-effective battery technologies for electric vehicles. By investing in these cutting-edge battery technologies, the Energy Department is helping to cut America's oil imports and provide American families and businesses with more transportation options.

The U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium, located in Southfield, Michigan and managed by Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors, will solicit, fund, and manage cooperative research and development projects to improve next-generation advanced energy storage technologies for vehicles. As part of the initiative, the consortium will engage U.S. battery and component manufacturers, universities, and the national laboratories to coordinate research on advanced energy storage technologies for hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and all-electric vehicles.

Selected through a competitive solicitation, the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium will receive $12.5 million annually over five years, subject to congressional appropriations. The Energy Department's investment will be met dollar-for-dollar with cost-share funding from the private sector.

This initiative supports the Department's EV Everywhere Challenge, a national effort aimed at making electric vehicles more affordable and convenient for the average American family by specifically targeting dramatic technological and cost improvements in batteries, electric motors, power electronics, light-weight structures, and fast charging technology. The EV Everywhere Challenge is bringing together America's best scientists, engineers, and students help put the United States in the lead to manufacture and export the next generation of advanced electric vehicles and electric vehicle components, creating good paying manufacturing jobs and stimulating the American economy.

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