San Francisco SSL R&D Workshop Provides Crossroad for Academia, Industry, Utility, and Government Professionals

February 19, 2009

More than 400 solid-state lighting (SSL) technology leaders from the R&D community, lighting designers, and architects gathered in San Francisco, CA to participate in the "Transformations in Lighting" Solid-State Lighting Workshop on February 3-5, 2009. The workshop, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), was the sixth annual DOE meeting to accelerate SSL technology advances and guide market introduction of quality SSL products. The workshop brought together a diverse gathering of participants from industry, research organizations, universities, national laboratories, manufacturing, energy efficiency organizations, utilities, and municipalities to share insights, ideas, and updates on the rapidly evolving SSL market.

This annual workshop brings together the nation's best and brightest in the lighting industry, and is designed to allow the SSL community to share updates on the latest technology developments, market needs, and results from real-world demonstrations. The three day event focused on navigating the SSL learning curve, along with strategies for defining and recognizing quality products on the market. Breakout sessions allowed attendees play an active role in determining future DOE R&D priorities. Highlights of the workshop as well as presentations are available on the Past Conferences page on the EERE Solid-State Lighting Web site.

The workshop is part of DOE's national strategy to accelerate solid-state lighting technology advances from laboratory to marketplace. The unique attributes of solid-state lighting drive the need for a coordinated federal approach that encompasses research, development, and market introduction activities. In addition to R&D sponsorship, DOE provides national leadership and support for the development of ENERGY STAR® criteria for SSL products, technology procurement and demonstrations, commercial product testing, buyer/user guidance, design competitions, and standards development. For more information about the DOE Solid-State Lighting Portfolio, visit EERE's Solid-State Lighting Web site.