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April 19, 2006

DOE Conducts Industrial Energy Assessments in Six States

DOE launched Energy Saving Assessments at industrial facilities in California, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in mid-April. The facilities include a cement factory in Mojave, California; a chemical plant in Plant City, Florida; a General Motors Corporation manufacturing plant in Pontiac, Michigan; a chemical plant in Columbus, Mississippi; a specialty materials plant in Towanda, Pennsylvania; and a dairy food facility in Richland Center, Wisconsin. As one example, the Florida chemical plant is owned by CF Industries, Inc. and produces about two million tons per year of ammonium phosphate fertilizer. Steam produced in part of the plant is used for process heating and to generate about 32 megawatts of power, most of which is used to power the plant. Such steam and process heating systems are the primary focus of DOE's free three-day energy assessments, which are helping major manufacturing facilities to identify energy-saving opportunities. See the CF Industries Web site and the DOE press releases on the visits to California, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

DOE's Energy Saving Teams have completed visits to 29 large federal facilities and are in the process of visiting 200 energy-intensive manufacturing facilities as part of the national "Easy Ways to Save Energy" campaign launched in October 2005. The first 22 industrial Energy Saving Assessments have identified a total of $78 million per year in potential energy cost savings. If implemented, these energy-saving measures could reduce natural gas consumption by more than 9 trillion Btu per year. See the results of many of these industrial Energy Saving Assessments on the "Save Energy Now" Web site, provided by DOE's Industrial Technologies Program.