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March 01, 2006

DOE Conducts Energy Assessments at Seven Industrial Plants

DOE launched Industrial Energy Saving Assessments at industries in seven states in late February. The three-day energy assessments were carried out at a steel mill in New Jersey, a glassmaking plant in Pennsylvania, a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Texas, a chemical plant in West Virginia, and at paper mills in Idaho, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Through its free energy assessments, DOE is working with major manufacturing facilities to identify opportunities to save energy and money, primarily by focusing on steam and process heating systems. DOE's Energy Saving Teams have completed visits to 28 large federal facilities and are in the process of visiting 200 of the most energy-intensive manufacturing facilities in the United States as part of the national "Easy Ways to Save Energy" campaign launched in October 2005.

Bird's eye view of the Union Carbide plant, which covers a river island as well as both banks of the river.

DOE Energy Saving Teams are visiting some of the nation's largest industrial sites, including this Union Carbide plant in West Virginia.
Credit: Dow Chemical Company

The Energy Saving Teams visited Lewiston, Idaho, where the Potlatch Corporation's lumber products and paper mill manufactures more than 1,500 tons of paper products per day; Wickliffe, Kentucky, where NewPage Corporation produces 282,000 tons of coated paper and 330,000 short tons of hardwood pulp each year; St. Francisville, Louisiana, where Tembec USA produces roughly 1,000 tons per day of paper products; Perth Amboy, New Jersey, where Gerdau Ameristeel converts scrap metal into wire rod and coiled rebar; Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where PPG Industries Inc. produces flat glass; Dallas, Texas, where Texas Instruments Incorporated operates four large semiconductor manufacturing facilities; and South Charleston, West Virginia, where Union Carbide Corporation's chemical plant produces more than 500 different chemicals and plastics. See the DOE press releases on the visits to Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia, as well as the description of the Union Carbide chemical plant on the Dow Chemical Company Web site.