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December 07, 2005

Canadian Company Begins Commercial Delivery of BioOil

Twenty months after breaking ground, DynaMotive Corporation has started commercial production of BioOil at its new production facility in West Lorne, Ontario, near Lake Erie. The company sent out its first shipment of the biomass-derived fuel on November 22nd under a contract with a U.S. company. The contract will last for 5 years and calls for monthly deliveries of BioOil from West Lorne starting at 22 tons per month and increasing to 275 tons per month at its peak (3,300 tons per year). At their peak, the shipments will represent 15 percent of the plant's annual production of BioOil. See the DynaMotive press release and photos of the shipment.

DynaMotive converts biomass into BioOil using a patented fast pyrolysis process, which involves heating the biomass to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The West Lorne facility is designed to convert 100 tons per day of wood residue into 70 tons of BioOil, 20 tons of char, and 10 tons of gases. Erie Flooring and Wood Products supplies the wood residue, and DynaMotive plans to burn about 50 tons of BioOil each day in a gas turbine to produce 2.5 megawatts of electricity, which powers the Erie Flooring plant. The gas turbine will also generate steam for the plant. The company began producing power at the facility in late June. DynaMotive is currently scaling up its process for a plant that would produce 220 tons of BioOil per day. See the DynaMotive Web site and press releases about the new facility, the startup of the gas turbine, and the design of the 220-ton-per-day plant.