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November 23, 2005

New Wave Energy Prototypes Deployed in Hawaii and New Jersey

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPT) announced November 16th that it has deployed its 40-kilowatt PowerBuoy wave energy converters off the coasts of both Hawaii and New Jersey. The Hawaii project is located approximately 0.6 miles off the coast of Oahu, where the ocean depth is about 100 feet. Installed under contract with the U.S. Navy, the device will be monitored in support of a proposed wave energy station. The New Jersey project was installed under a contract with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, in support of a proposed megawatt-scale wave energy plant. The PowerBuoy technology employs the bobbing motion of a buoy to drive an electrical generator. See the OPT press release (PDF 95 KB) and Web site. Download Adobe Reader.

A company in Australia is also claiming success with its wave energy device. Energetech announced in early November that a sea trial of its device produced 20 percent more power than expected. Energetech uses a "floating water column," a floating device with an enclosed air space. When waves pass the device, the rising and falling water level drives air out and then back into the airspace, driving a turbine to produce power. See the Energetech press release (PDF 61 KB), report (PDF 107 KB), and Web site.