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September 21, 2005

FPL Energy and PPM Energy Buy 900 Megawatts of Wind Turbines

Two of the largest wind energy developers in the United States—FPL Energy and PPM Energy—are making plans to install large wind energy projects over the next year, as they have purchased wind turbines with a total capacity of 900 megawatts.

Photo of a wind turbine with three long, slender blades.

Siemens' 2.3-megawatt wind turbines will be arriving in the United States next year.
Credit: Siemens Power Generation

Siemens Power Generation announced on September 14th an agreement to sell 600 megawatts of wind turbines to FPL Energy, with delivery beginning in 2006. Siemens will manufacture, install, and commission its 2.3-megawatt Mk II turbines for FPL Energy, marking the first sale of Siemens wind turbines within the United States. See the Siemens press release.

PPM Energy announced on the same day that it has agreed to buy 300 megawatts of wind turbines from GE Energy for use in 2006. In August, PPM Energy completed construction on its 75-megawatt Klondike II Wind Power Plant near Wasco, Oregon, and the company expects to complete four other wind power projects this year: the 100-megawatt Trimont project in Minnesota, the 150-megawatt Elk River project in Kansas, the 150-megawatt Shiloh project in California, and the 198-megawatt Maple Ridge project in New York. See the PPM Energy press release.