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July 27, 2005

At Mid-Year, 2005 is Third-Warmest Year on Record

As of the end of June, 2005 is shaping up to be the third-warmest year on record in terms of average global temperatures. On July 14th, the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) released its mid-year summary of U.S. and global average temperatures, which found that the average global temperature for the first six months of the year was 1.04 degrees Fahrenheit above the long-term average; 1998, the warmest year on record, was 0.2 degrees higher. Last month was also the second warmest June on record and was the warmest June on record in terms of the temperatures over land. See the NCDC's "Climate of 2005."

July is not yet over, but it is shaping up to be a warm one in much of the United States. Utilities across the country have been hitting new record power demands in the heat; in California, the power grid operator declared a Stage Two electrical emergency for southern California on July 21st and again on July 22nd. A Stage Two is declared when operating reserves drop below five percent, leading the grid operator to request voluntary load reductions and the cycling of residential air conditioning systems. See the press releases from the California Independent System Operator.