This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

May 25, 2005

Six Sites Considered for Future Advanced Nuclear Power Plants

NuStart Energy Development LLC, a consortium of nine nuclear power companies and two nuclear reactor vendors, took another step toward reviving the U.S. nuclear power industry on May 20th, when it announced its selection of six potential locations for future nuclear power plants. The six locations are in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, and South Carolina, and five of the six sites are at existing nuclear power stations. By October, NuStart plans to pick two of the sites and move ahead with the licensing process for those sites. See the NuStart press release.

Earlier in May, NuStart signed an agreement with DOE to complete the designs for two advanced nuclear power plants and to demonstrate the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing process for those plants. Under the 50-50 cost sharing agreement, NuStart will complete the detailed engineering work for two designs: the Westinghouse Advanced Passive 1000 Reactor and the General Electric Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor. Once the two plant locations are chosen, the design analyses will be integrated with the characteristics of the selected sites, and NuStart will develop comprehensive applications for two construction and operating licenses. NuStart expects to submit its license applications to the NRC in 2008 and could receive the licenses as early as 2010. See the NuStart press release.