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March 30, 2005

Clean Air Act Settlement to Yield Solar and Wind or Biomass Projects

When FirstEnergy Corporation settled a federal lawsuit in mid-March for violations of the Clean Air Act by its subsidiary, Ohio Edison, the result was not only a significant cleanup of the utility's coal-plant emissions, but also a significant commitment to wind power within the next three and a half years. Ohio Edison is required to enter into 20-year contracts to buy power from wind projects with a total capacity of at least 93 megawatts. However, if the wind energy production tax credit is not in force or not applicable to any of the projects, Ohio Edison need only contract for 23 megawatts of wind power. The wind projects must be located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or western New York. With pre-approval from the plaintiffs, Ohio Edison can also substitute landfill gas projects in Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York for some or all of the wind power requirement. Ohio Edison must also provide $400,000 to fund a 52-kilowatt solar power system in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. See document pages 37 and 38 (PDF pages 40 and 41) plus Appendix A (PDF pages 73 and 74) of the "Ohio Edison Consent Decree" (PDF 278 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

The FirstEnergy settlement was the result of Clean Air Act violations at the W.H. Sammis Station, a coal-fired power plant in Stratton, Ohio. The states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York were co-plaintiffs and joined in the settlement. See the press release, fact sheet, and other information on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Compliance and Enforcement Web site.