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March 09, 2005

Las Vegas Water District to Feature 3.1-Megawatt Solar Project

PowerLight Corporation announced on March 2nd that it will build a 3.1-megawatt solar power project at four sites in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. The project includes four solar power systems at the Las Vegas Water District's Las Vegas Springs Preserve, as well as three additional systems at reservoirs owned by the Water District. The Water District's board of directors approved the project in October 2004, and the Nevada Public Utilities Commission added its approval in late February. The solar arrays at the Springs Preserve will also provide shaded parking for up to 200 cars. See the PowerLight press release.

Bird's-eye view of a solar power plant shows a person as a mere speck among rows of blue solar modules.

A person is dwarfed by the solar modules at one of the Bavarian solar power sites.
Credit: K&S Consulting Group

PowerLight recently had the honor of building the world's largest solar photovoltaic power system, a 10-megawatt installation in Bavaria, Germany. Like the Las Vegas project, the Bavarian project is spread over three sites, with the largest single installation providing 6.3 megawatts of solar power capacity. That project was supported by a $5-million working capital line of credit guaranteed by the Export-Import Bank of the United States. See the January 3rd and February 4th press releases from PowerLight.

In other solar power news, WorldWater & Power Corporation announced on March 3rd that it is planning its second installation of a solar power system to power a 200-horsepower irrigation pump. WorldWater will install the system at a tree farm near San Diego, California. In addition, GE Energy announced on March 1st that it has supplied 256 solar modules for 16 roof-mounted solar power systems in a residential development in Cornwall, New York. Each system has a capacity of 2.64 kilowatts, for a total capacity of 42.24 kilowatts. See the press releases from WorldWater and GE Energy.