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January 05, 2005

Minnesota to Host First U.S. Power Plant Fueled with Poultry Litter

The first U.S. power plant to be fueled primarily with poultry litter is now under construction in Benson, Minnesota, about 125 miles west of Minneapolis. Fibrowatt LLC completed financing of the 55-megawatt plant in mid-December and immediately began construction. The plant will consume about 700,000 tons per year of biomass, of which about 90 percent will be poultry litter and 10 percent will be other agricultural biomass. Fibrowatt LLC is partly owned by Fibrowatt Ltd., a company that has built three similar plants in the United Kingdom. SNC-Lavalin Power Inc. is building the Minnesota plant under a $142-million contract, and expects the plant to start operating in early 2007. See the press releases from SNC-Lavalin Power and Fibrowatt, as well as Fibrowatt's Benson Project Web page.