This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

December 01, 2004

West Coast States Strengthen Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts

The governors of the three West Coast states—California, Oregon, and Washington—announced in mid-November that they had approved 36 actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The actions were jointly developed by the three states, and include setting new targets for annual greenhouse gas emissions from state-owned fleets of vehicles; collaborating on the purchase of hybrid vehicles; establishing a plan for truck stop electrification (to avoid unnecessary truck idling) along Interstate 5, on the outskirts of major urban areas, and on other major interstate routes; setting goals and implementing strategies and incentives to increase green power sales by one percent or more per year in each state through 2015; adopting energy efficiency standards for up to 14 products not regulated by the federal government; and incorporating aggressive energy efficiency measures into state building energy codes, with a goal of achieving at least 15 percent cumulative energy savings by 2015 in each state. The new actions are part of the West Coast Governors' Global Warming Initiative, launched by the governors in September 2003. See the press release on the Oregon Department of Energy Web site.