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November 24, 2004

American Chemistry Council Honors Energy Efficiency Efforts

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) recently honored eight chemical companies for energy efficiency improvements made in 2003. The eight companies—BASF Corporation; BP; Dow Corning Corporation; Eastman Chemical Company; ExxonMobil Chemical Company; Merck & Company, Inc.; Monsanto Company; and Sasol North America, Inc.—earned a total of 19 awards for their company-wide or plant-specific progress. According to ACC, the total annual energy savings represented by the 19 awards amounts to 4.9 trillion Btu, equal to the energy needs of about 26,000 households. See the ACC press release (PDF 121 KB), and for more information on the individual awards, see the press releases from ExxonMobil Chemical and BASF. Download Acrobat Reader.

Have you ever wondered how much energy each industry uses, and where that energy goes? The Industrial Energy Footprints, recently prepared by DOE's Industrial Technologies Program, spell it all out in graphic detail. The footprints summarize 16 manufacturing industries and also include an overview of all manufacturing industries. For instance, it's easy to find out that the chemical industries consume a total of 5 quadrillion Btu (5 quads) each year, equal to about 5 percent of the energy consumed in the United States. See the Industrial Energy Footprints.