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November 24, 2004

Wind Power Brings Jobs to Nevada, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin

With companies like GE Energy reporting $1.3 billion in orders for wind turbines, some may assume that all the benefits from wind projects go toward large corporations, but that's far from the case. In fact, the current flurry of wind power projects is yielding job and economic benefits across the country.

Nevada is the latest to gain from the current wind rush, as Energy Nevada, LLC has announced an agreement with Sweden's Nordic Windpower to establish Nordic's U.S. manufacturing activity in the northern part of the state. The agreement provides for Nordic Windpower to start manufacturing wind turbines in Nevada as soon as a wind developer commits to building a Nevada wind energy project of sufficient size. From the Nevada plant, Nordic and Energy Nevada plan to ship wind turbines throughout North America. See the Energy Nevada press release (PDF 254 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.

A fabrication plant in Provo, Utah, is already benefiting from the wind rush, having just earned a contract to build 150 tubular steel towers for wind turbines to be installed in the West. The 14-month project will require more than 18,000 tons of steel. The plant is owned by CB&I, a leading engineering, procurement, and construction company. See the CB&I press release.

Photo of men working on a NorthWind 100-kilowatt wind turbine.

Northern Power Systems will use its new manufacturing space to build several of its NorthWind 100 wind turbines, like the one shown here, for installation in Alaska.
Credit: Warren Gretz, NREL

Wind power's fabrication needs have also yielded benefits for Wisconsin, as a new company called Global Energy Systems has been established in Stevens Point. The new plant will fabricate wind turbine components such as towers, flanges, gearboxes, bedplates, and hubs, and will employ about 100 people, including 75 skilled laborers. The company was started with the help of a Wisconsin Focus on Energy grant. See the Focus on Energy press release (PDF 21 KB).

Last but not least, Vermont's Northern Power Systems is expanding its manufacturing facilities, having leased a 35,000-square-foot plant in Barre. The company plans to hire at least 35 new employees, including technicians, drafters, and engineers. The facility will first be used to build NorthWind 100 wind turbines for shipment to Alaska, and will also serve to fabricate industrial power systems. See the Northern Power press release.