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November 10, 2004

Shell Adds Hydrogen Refueling to a Retail Gas Station

Photo of the hydrogen fueling station adjacent to a gas pump at the Shell station

The Shell station is the first in North America to feature hydrogen fueling at a retail gas station.
Credit: Shell

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham joined representatives of Shell and General Motors Corporation (GM) on November 10th at the opening of the first hydrogen refueling station in Washington, D.C. The Shell station—the first in North America to offer both gasoline and hydrogen—will be used to refuel GM fuel cell vehicles as part of DOE's Vehicle and Infrastructure Learning Demonstration and Validation Project. The station is the first in a potential hydrogen corridor running from the capital to New York City. See the DOE and Shell press releases.

Secretary Abraham announced the Vehicle and Infrastructure Learning Demonstration and Validation Project on April 27th as an opportunity to assess important data under real world environments that will refocus research efforts. See the story from the April 28th edition of this newsletter, and for more information, see DOE's Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies Program Web site.

DOE's progress in hydrogen technologies was one of the achievements highlighted by Secretary Abraham as he submitted his resignation to President Bush on November 15th. "We have launched the most ambitious new energy technology initiatives in the world with our Hydrogen and Future Gen programs," remarked Secretary Abraham in his resignation letter. The letter is included in a DOE press release.