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September 08, 2004

Minnesota Utility to Award $22 Million to Renewable Projects

Xcel Energy announced on August 31st its selection of 25 proposed renewable energy projects to receive $22 million from its Renewable Development Fund. The projects include seven efforts to draw on renewable energy in Minnesota, including two wind turbines, two anaerobic digesters, a biomass energy combined heat and power plant, a project to increase biomass use at a University of Minnesota steam plant, and a hydropower facility refurbishment. The remaining 18 projects are research efforts relating to biomass energy, solar cells, and hydrogen production. DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory is working with the University of Minnesota on two of the three solar-cell research projects. The Renewable Development Fund was established by Minnesota statute and is funded by the state's ratepayers. The 25 selected projects are subject to final approval by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. See Xcel Energy press release or go directly to the selection report (PDF 351 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.