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September 01, 2004

UPS Deploys Three Fuel-Cell-Powered Delivery Trucks

A brown UPS van emblazoned with H2 on its doors sits parked in front of a building.

UPS is using three fuel-cell-powered Dodge Sprinters as delivery vehicles.
Credit: UPS

UPS announced on August 26th that it will place three fuel-cell-powered delivery trucks in service in California and Michigan. DaimlerChrysler is providing the vehicles, which are a fuel-cell version of the Dodge Sprinter delivery truck. The new vehicles have a range of about 155 miles and accelerate as well as current UPS vehicles. And thanks to housing the fuel-cell system in the floor, the vehicles also boast a 10 percent increase in cargo capacity compared to the diesel-powered version of the Sprinter. The UPS announcement was made in Los Angeles, where the first vehicle was deployed; the other two vehicles will be placed into service in Sacramento, California, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. See the UPS press release.

The new delivery vehicles are a step up in size for UPS, which has been using a DaimlerChrysler "F-Cell" vehicle on a daily express-delivery route in Ann Arbor, Michigan, since February. See the story from the June 23rd edition of the EERE Network News.