This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

August 25, 2004

GM Provides Hybrid Vehicles to the Republican National Convention

The 2004 Republican National Convention announced on August 23rd that General Motors Corporation (GM) will provide a fleet of hybrid-electric buses, hybrid pickup trucks, and several other highly efficient vehicles to support the convention. Nearly 50,000 visitors are expected at the convention, which will be held in New York City from August 30th through September 2nd. See the press release from the Republican National Convention.

GM previously provided hybrid-electric vehicles at the Democratic National Convention, held in Boston in late July. See the article from the July 14th edition of this newsletter.

GM's hybrid technology will soon help to keep the air clean in a much more pristine setting: Yosemite National Park in California. GM announced on August 19th that it will supply the propulsion systems for 18 new 40-foot hybrid electric buses, which are scheduled to go in service in Yosemite by next May. Gillig Corporation manufactures the hybrid buses. GM-hybrid-equipped buses are currently in service in Philadelphia and Seattle. See the GM press release.