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August 11, 2004

USDA Announces Sign-Up for $150-Million Bioenergy Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on August 4th that the sign-up for its fiscal year 2005 Bioenergy Program is underway. The program will pay up to a total of $150 million to commercial producers of ethanol and biodiesel that increase their production between October 1st of this year and September 30th, 2005. Biodiesel producers are also eligible for payments for 15 percent of their base production of biodiesel. The sign-up period ends on August 31st. See the USDA press release.

According to the USDA Bioenergy Program Web site, the program paid out more than $37.7 million to ethanol and biodiesel producers in late May as its second-quarter payment for fiscal year 2004. Of the total, $32.8 million supported a second-quarter ethanol production increase of nearly 158 million gallons, nearly $5.6 million supported a second- quarter biodiesel production increase of 4.25 million gallons, and roughly $375,000 helped support the biodiesel base production of slightly more than 1 million gallons for the quarter. See the USDA Bioenergy Program Web page.