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July 28, 2004

Wisconsin Task Force Recommends Efficiency and Renewables

Wisconsin's Task Force on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency unanimously approved recommendations on July 20th for the state to draw on renewable energy for 10 percent of its electricity supply by 2015. The task force, created last September by Executive Order of Governor Jim Doyle, further recommended that the state government lead the charge by buying 20 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2010. To help meet those goals, the task force recommended providing incentives for rural energy projects, including wind generators and anaerobic digesters, which convert manure into methane for use as an energy source.

The task force also addressed energy efficiency, recommending that the state update and improve its building energy codes, and calling for improvement in Wisconsin's Focus on Energy efficiency programs by increasing the role of the Public Utilities Commission in setting energy efficiency targets and funding levels. See the task force recommendations.

Governor Doyle welcomed the recommendations, noting that they will provide "needed balance in the state's energy policy." The task force plans to issue a final report in September, at which time the governor will develop a plan to implement the recommendations through regulatory, administrative, and legislative changes. See the governor's press release.