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July 07, 2004

L.A. Aims to Meet California's Renewable Energy Requirements

The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADWP) announced on June 30th that it is developing its own renewable energy requirements and is seeking to draw on renewable energy for 20 percent of its energy needs by 2017. The goal is in line with a state requirement for renewable energy, and although that state law doesn't apply to LADWP, the Los Angeles Mayor, City Council, and Board of Water and Power Commissioners have directed LADWP to match the requirement. To start down that path, LADWP is now requesting proposals for renewable energy projects, and seeks to acquire up to 330 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy in 2005, increasing to as much as 1,320 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy in 2010. As a comparison, a 100-megawatt wind plant operating at an average annual capacity of 30 percent would produce about 263 gigawatt-hours per year. Proposals are due on August 13th. See the LADWP request for proposals.