This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

June 23, 2004

DOE to Help Study Building an Advanced Nuclear Power Plant

DOE announced in late May that it will cooperate with an industry team led by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to conduct a detailed study of an Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) nuclear plant. DOE will fund half the cost of the $4.25 million, 10-month study, which will help TVA decide whether to build a facility on the site of its mothballed Bellefont nuclear plant, located near Hollywood, Alabama. TVA is considering building a 2,600-megawatt, two-unit facility by the middle of the next decade. No ABWRs are currently operating in the United States, although three are operating in Japan. TVA is currently working to refurbish its 1,200-megawatt Browns Ferry Unit 1 nuclear plant, which it intends to restart in 2007. The plant, also located in Alabama, was shutdown in 1985. See the DOE press release and the TVA press release on Browns Ferry.

According to the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology, DOE has received three applications for technical assistance for its nuclear power plant licensing demonstration projects. In addition to the TVA proposal, Dominion Energy is leading a consortium to develop, license, and build two 700-megawatt Advanced CANDU reactors at its North Anna site—60 miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia—and a consortium called NuStart Energy is completing detailed engineering work on two new advanced nuclear reactor designs. The CANDU reactor is a Canadian design that uses pressurized heavy water. See the announcement from the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy and a description of the CANDU design from the CANDU Owners Group, Inc.