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June 23, 2004

University of Wisconsin-Madison Wins FutureTruck Competition

Photo of the University of Wisconsin's FutureTruck entry.

The University of Wisconsin's winning FutureTruck entry.
Credit: University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison took first place in the final FutureTruck competition, which was held from June 9th through the 17th. The team reengineered a 2002 Ford Explorer to boost its fuel economy by 33 percent while cutting emissions in half. The students used a parallel hybrid design that employed a compression-ignition engine and an advanced catalyst system for improved emissions. Pennsylvania State University came in second with a hybrid diesel-electric drivetrain, and Georgia Institute of Technology came in third with a hybrid system in which an electric motor provides power to the front wheels and a six-cylinder engine drives the rear wheels. DOE and Ford Motor Company sponsored the FutureTruck competition, which challenged students to reengineer a 2002 Ford Explorer to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions while maintaining the vehicle's performance, utility, and safety. See the announcements from FutureTruck and Ford.

DOE is replacing FutureTruck with a new three-year competition to implement advanced technologies in vehicles, called "Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainability." General Motors Corporation is cosponsoring the new competition, and 17 teams from across North America have been invited to participate. Challenge X will divide the design and integration efforts over three years: designing drivetrains the first year, installing them the second year, and refining and improving the vehicles during the third year. See the Challenge X Web site.