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June 16, 2004

Ford Announces Pricing for Escape Hybrid

Photo of the Ford Escape Hybrid.

The Ford Escape Hybrid will go on sale in late summer.
Credit: Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company announced on June 14th that its 2005 Escape Hybrid will be priced from $3,300 to $3,425 above a comparably equipped V6-powered Escape. The base price for the Escape Hybrid will be $26,380, plus destination and delivery charges of $590, for a total of $26,970. The four-wheel-drive version of the Escape Hybrid will cost $28,005, plus the destination and delivery charge. According to Ford, the Escape Hybrid will qualify for a "Clean Fuel Vehicles" federal tax deduction of $1,500 if purchased this year. See the Ford press release.

Ford claims the Escape Hybrid to be the world's cleanest and most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicle. It has the ability to run on electric power only at low speeds, and can also run using the gasoline engine only or using the combined power of the gasoline engine and the electric motor. See the Ford Escape Hybrid Web site.

The Ford Escape Hybrid appears to be arriving on the scene as the popularity of hybrid vehicles is growing. In May, the Honda Civic Hybrid posted its third consecutive month of record sales, at 3,183 vehicles, and the Toyota Prius achieved its best-ever sales for May, at 3,962 vehicles. The hybrid system in the new Prius won the "International Engine of the Year 2004" award in May, as well as taking first place in three award categories. See the Honda press release and June 2nd and May 26th press releases from Toyota.