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December 17, 2003

Utah BLM Completes First Geothermal Lease Sale Since 1988

Geothermal energy development in Utah took a step forward on December 9th, as the Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) leased nearly 6,600 acres of public land to geothermal energy companies. The leased land is primarily located in Beaver and Millard counties near two existing geothermal plants: the Bonnet Geothermal plant in the Cove Fort-Sulphurdale geothermal area and the Blundell plant in the Roosevelt Hot Springs geothermal area. Recurrent Resources, LLC made the high bid of $9,407 for a 931-acre parcel near its Bonnet Geothermal plant, which it is currently expanding.

In its first lease sale in 25 years, the Utah BLM had offered 18 parcels—totaling more than 33,800 acres—in Beaver, Millard, and Juab counties, located along the southern part of the state's border with Nevada. The winning bidders will be required to pay rental fees and royalties on any energy produced. The leases will start with a term of 10 years, but if the companies produce geothermal energy on their leased land, the BLM will extend the leases for up to 40 years. See the Utah BLM press release.