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December 10, 2003

Arizona Public Service Doubles Incentives for Solar Energy

Arizona Public Service (APS), the state's largest electric utility, announced on December 3rd that it will double its incentive for grid-connected solar power systems, starting January 1st, 2004. The utility currently offers an incentive of $2 per watt, up to half the cost of the installation, but has realized that nearly all of the 200 customers that took advantage of the incentive were located off of the electric grid. The new incentive of $4 per watt for grid-connected systems will help APS meet its requirements for generating power from solar energy. To further sweeten the deal, Arizona residents can also receive a state solar energy credit equal to one-quarter the cost of the system, up to $1,000.

APS is also doubling its incentive payment for solar water heating systems to $700. See the APS press release.