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December 03, 2003

Canadian Company Continues to Advance BioOil Technology

DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation, a Canadian company, continues to advance its production process for a biomass-derived fuel called BioOil. DynaMotive can convert a variety of biomass materials, such as wood residues, into BioOil using a process called "fast pyrolysis," which exposes the materials to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. In early November, DynaMotive announced that it had fabricated a system that will produce BioOil from wood residues and use it to produce 12,000 pounds of steam per hour and 2.5 megawatts of electricity. The combined heat and power system can also be fueled with conventional fuels. DynaMotive expects to finish testing the system in early 2004, when it will be installed at Erie Flooring and Wood Products in West Lorne, Ontario.

DynaMotive plans to produce a similar system for Freymond Lumber, Ltd., in Bancroft, Ontario. DynaMotive and its development partners expect to launch the project in 2004 and complete it in 2005. The company also announced yesterday that it is fabricating another production plant that will be capable of converting 200 tons of wet biomass into BioOil each day -- twice the capacity of the Erie Flooring plant. Although the location of the new plant won't be announced until next year, it's noteworthy that DynaMotive is working with the Municipality of Greenstone in northwestern Ontario to develop BioOil plants in the Greenstone area. See the November and December press releases on the DynaMotive Web site.