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November 26, 2003

CEC Report: California Green Power Could Increase 10-Fold

With all the new solar power installations cropping up in California, it may come as no surprise that the California Energy Commission (CEC) sees a great potential to boost the state's use of renewable energy. In fact, a report adopted by the CEC last week says that although the state currently draws on renewable energy for 11 percent of its electricity, the state could produce about 10 times more electricity from renewable energy than it does today. The document will be submitted to the California legislature on December 1st in support of the state's new Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires that 20 percent of the state's retail electricity sales come from renewable energy sources.

The CEC also approved its 2003 Integrated Energy Policy Report on November 12th. The report calls more stringent energy efficiency targets, an accelerated timeframe for the Renewable Portfolio Standard, more ambitious renewable energy goals beyond the 20 percent goal, and efforts to encourage cogeneration and distributed generation throughout the state. In addition, the report recommends establishing a goal of reducing the consumption of petroleum for transportation by 15 percent from current levels by 2020. See the CEC press releases.