This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

November 19, 2003

Hydrogen Technology Projects Slated for Michigan, California

Michigan and California will soon feature innovative projects that demonstrate the infrastructure needed for the future hydrogen economy, thanks to the efforts of DTE Energy and Stuart Energy.

In Michigan, DTE Energy is planning to build a hydrogen energy pilot project that will include on-site hydrogen production using biomass and solar power, hydrogen storage and distribution, vehicle fueling, and on-site power production using fuel cell technology. The five-year project will cost $3 million and will produce about 100,000 kilowatt- hours of electricity per year, in addition to enough compressed hydrogen gas to fuel three vehicles per day. The project will be located at Detroit Edison's Southfield Station. DOE, the State of Michigan, and the City of Southfield are partners on the project. See the November 4th press release on the DTE Energy Web site.

In California, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has awarded a contract to Stuart Energy Systems Corporation to build a hydrogen energy station that will produce power while fueling vehicles. The project, to be built in early 2004, will generate hydrogen via electrolysis of water and will then compress it and store it. In addition to a fuel dispenser for vehicles, the system will feed a 120-kilowatt power system that will use a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine to generate power. See the November 17th press release from Stuart Energy.