This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

November 12, 2003

New Green Power Purchases Announced as Leaders Earn Awards

Several organizations purchased new or greater amounts of green power in late October and early November. Pepco Energy Services, for instance, announced in late October that the U.S. Departments of Interior, Labor, and Transportation are buying more than 10 million kilowatt-hours of green power through May 2004. Three-quarters of the power will come from landfill gas power plants, and the remainder will come from regional wind power plants. Kinko's, Inc. increased its green power purchases more than 80 percent, to more than 27 million kilowatt-hours in 18 states. And Community Energy, Inc. launched its sales of wind power in Illinois?an offer that was quickly taken up by the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago, the City of St. Charles, five faith-based organizations, and the Delta Institute, a nonprofit organization. The Illinois announcement was held in conjunction with the Green Power Marketing Conference, held in early November. See the press releases from Pepco Energy Services, Kinko's, and Community Energy.

The conference was also the setting for the Green Power Partnership Awards, presented to green power leaders by DOE, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Center for Resource Solutions. The highest honors?the Green Power Partner of the Year Awards?were presented to the University of Pennsylvania, the City of Portland, Johnson and Johnson, and the Dyess Air Force Base. Additional award winners include White Wave, Clif Bar, Tower Companies, Kinko's, Austin Grill, the State of New Jersey, the City of Moab, BMW, Toyota Motors Sales, Fala Direct Marketing, Domaine Carneros winery, Hayward Lumber, and two California governments: the City of San Diego and Solano County. See the announcement on the EPA Green Power Leadership Awards page.