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October 22, 2003

Dutch Team Wins the World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is still underway in Australia, but not for the Nuon Solar Team from the Netherlands: the team finished the course on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 22nd, winning the race with an average speed of about 60 miles per hour. The Dutch team's vehicle, called the Nuna II, was one of three solar cars that reached Alice Springs on Monday, October 20th, but the team widened its lead on Tuesday, making the win appear nearly inevitable. The Nuon Solar Team, which won the 2001 race in record time, beat its own record by improving their car's aerodynamic performance and outfitting it with gallium-arsenide solar cells.

The second-place team-from Melbourne, Australia-reached the finish line an hour and forty-three minutes behind the Dutch team. A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stopped for the day about 20 minutes from the finish line, and is expected to come in third place. As of October 22nd, 22 solar cars remain in the race, although some may not finish until October 26th, the final day of the race. See the "Latest Updates" and "Media" pages on the World Solar Challenge Web site.