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October 15, 2003

Tests of Tidal Energy Turbine Underway in the United Kingdom

Sea Power International AB announced in September that it was starting tests of its prototype tidal energy turbine near the shore of Shetland, in the far northern reaches of the United Kingdom. The turbine will be attached to a ship that will be anchored at 10 sites in the Bluemull Sound, located between the islands of Yell and Unst. The test will determine the best site to locate a full-scale tidal power station. According to the company, the prototype tidal energy turbine is based on an existing wind turbine design. See the Sea Power press release.

Meanwhile, the Wave Dragon wave energy system continues to press ahead at its test site in the Danish fjord called Nissum Bredning. In September, Wave Dragon added six turbines to the wave energy system, bringing the total to seven. So far, there's no word from the company on the amount of power being produced by the prototype system. See the Wave Dragon press release.