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July 02, 2003

Xcel Energy Plans 450 Megawatts of Wind Power for Minnesota

Xcel Energy has selected three wind power projects totaling 450 megawatts in capacity as part of its portfolio of new energy projects to meet its customer's power needs over the next six years. The proposed projects include a 200-megawatt wind plant to be built near Chandler by enXco, a 150-megawatt wind plant to be built in Lincoln County by PPM Energy, and a 100-megawatt wind plant to be built by FPL Energy in Austin. The two larger plants are located in the southwest corner of the state and the third plant will be located due south of Minneapolis, near the state's southern border. The three projects were selected as the result of an all-source solicitation issued by Xcel Energy in 2001.

"The strong showing of wind power in this bidding process indicates that wind has become competitive with traditional electricity generating fuels," said David Eves, Xcel Energy's vice president for resource planning and acquisition.

The Xcel Energy plan will undergo a 30-day review by the Minnesota Public Utility Commission, after which the utility intends to sign power purchase agreements with the project developers. See the Xcel Energy press release.