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July 01, 2003

Natural Gas Crisis Ahead: Energy Secretary Encourages Smart Energy Use

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham remains concerned about natural gas supplies in the United States, and he expressed those concerns at the Natural Gas Summit, held in late June in Washington, D.C. Noting that U.S. natural gas storage is 32 percent below last year's level, and 22 percent below the previous five-year average, Secretary Abraham warned that next winter's heating bills could increase as much as 19 percent in the Midwest. "It is a national concern that will touch every American," said Secretary Abraham.

Secretary Abraham followed up on that message on July 1st with a visit to DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he encouraged Americans to make use of energy efficiency and renewable energy in their homes and businesses.

"By incorporating advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies that reduce energy use into building designs, the U.S. building sector is achieving significant results," Abraham said. "Individuals can also play an important role in reducing energy usage. Conserving energy in the home saves consumers money today while also helping ensure abundant energy supplies in the future."

To help Americans use energy wisely, Secretary Abraham suggested they refer to DOE's Energy Savers Web site.

See the DOE press releases from June 26th and July 1st, as well as the Secretary's Natural Gas Summit speech.