This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

June 11, 2003

ChevronTexaco Powers Oil Field with Large Solar Power System

Renewable energy is now helping to provide a reliable flow of oil to California, thanks to a new 500-kilowatt solar power installation at a ChevronTexaco oil field near Bakersfield. United Solar Systems Corporation (Uni-Solar) provided 4,800 amorphous-silicon solar panels for the project, which covers six acres and helps to power oil-well pumps and processing plants in ChevronTexaco's Midway-Sunset oil field. The demonstration project will help Chevron Energy Solutions (a ChevronTexaco subsidiary) gain experience with solar technology. Uni-Solar is itself a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., in which ChevronTexaco holds a 20 percent stake. See the ChevronTexaco press release.

With the help of generous state subsidies, the number of large solar power systems in California is constantly growing. In Fairfield, for example, Solano County officials dedicated a new 230-kilowatt system last week. PowerLight Corporation installed the system, which is the first phase of a 350-kilowatt project. See the PowerLight press release.