This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

May 28, 2003

DynaMotive to Build Several BioOil Production Facilities

DynaMotive Energy Systems, a Canadian company, announced Monday that it will build a plant this year to convert 100 tons per day of biomass into nearly 16,000 gallons of an alternative-fuel product called BioOil. DynaMotive produces BioOil by heating biomass materials under controlled conditions, a process called fast pyrolysis. The company has signed an agreement with Ramsay Machine Works Ltd., and the two companies will collaborate with UMA Engineering to build at least one modular plant this year, with an option to build more plants by 2004. DynaMotive has successfully converted a variety of forestry and agricultural residues into BioOil, a clean-burning fuel that can be used in boilers, gas turbines, and some diesel engines. See the DynaMotive press release.

DynaMotive also entered into an agreement last week to develop a 2.5-megawatt combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Ontario, Canada. The plant will be fueled with wood residue from a wood flooring plant operated by Erie Flooring and Wood Products. DynaMotive will provide a fast pyrolysis facility to convert the wood residue into BioOil, and the Magellan Aerospace division of Orenda Industrial will provide the power generation equipment. Erie flooring will use the heat and power for its operations, and excess power may be sold into Ontario's green power market. See the DynaMotive press release.