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April 30, 2003

Shell Hydrogen Opens Hydrogen Fueling Station in Iceland

Shell Hydrogen announced last week the opening of its first hydrogen fueling station at a Shell retail site in Reykjavik, Iceland. The station will initially refuel three DaimlerChrysler fuel-cell buses operated by a local bus company. It also has all the permits needed to operate commercially, and could easily become the world's first retail hydrogen fueling station. The station generates hydrogen from water using electrolysis, and since all of Iceland's electricity is generated from hydroelectric and geothermal sources, it represents Iceland's first step toward a hydrogen economy fueled by renewable energy. See the Shell Hydrogen press release. Photos of the hydrogen fueling station are posted on the Athygli Public Relations Web site.

Recognizing that a number of countries are interested in developing a hydrogen economy, Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham called on Monday for international collaboration in advanced research and development to develop hydrogen energy technologies. Secretary Abraham proposed the "International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy" during a presentation to the International Energy Agency Ministerial meeting. See the DOE press release.