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April 09, 2003

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Picks Seven Solar Projects

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) announced on March 31st its funding of seven solar electric projects throughout the state. The CCEF will provide $2.3 million for the seven projects, which are expected to cost about $3.6 million. The systems will be installed at such diverse locations as a compost processing facility, a recycling center, an ecology center, a water pumping station, and a bus maintenance facility, as well as at the Hamden Government Center. The total peak capacity of the seven systems is expected to exceed 100 kilowatts. See the CCEF press release.

The CCEF also purchased a 250-kilowatt fuel cell system last year from FuelCell Energy, Inc. Last week, FuelCell Energy announced its agreement with Yale University to install the system in the university's Environmental Sciences Building. The system will meet 25 percent of the building's electricity needs, and the excess heat from the system will help control the temperature in a storage facility for rare bones and artifacts. The company plans to start up the system this summer. See the FuelCell Energy press release.