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March 26, 2003

HP Smart Cooling to Reduce Data Center Energy Use

While clean energy technologies are often at the forefront of energy news when it comes to reducing air pollution and conserving fossil fuels, advances in energy efficiency are also capable of tremendous cost and emissions reductions. For example, HP announced this week that it is now using a "smart" cooling modeling system to design data centers, which the company claims could dramatically reduce energy and save millions of dollars per year. Created in HP labs, the system uses computational fluid dynamics-like that used to improve airplane design-to create a 3-D model of temperature distribution throughout a data center. It then recommends strategic placement of computing resources and air conditioning equipment to optimize energy use for cooling.

HP Services is offering customers an analysis of their data centers to determine whether the smart cooling solution could benefit them. HP researchers believe smart cooling analysis could reduce expenses at a 30,000-square-foot data center by 25 percent. See the press release.