This is an excerpt from EERE Network News, a weekly electronic newsletter.

February 12, 2003

Two of Three Kansas Wind Power Installations Moving Ahead

Plans to build a 30-megawatt wind facility in western Kansas are moving ahead, but of two installations planned near Wichita in southeast Kansas, only one has gained approval.

In the western part of the state, Sunflower Electric Power Corporation has agreed to buy the first 30 megawatts of wind power produced by a project to be built near Leoti, located midway between Nebraska and Oklahoma and about 40 miles east of the Colorado border. Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. (RES) plans to build the wind project, called the Sunflower Electric Wind Farm, by the end of this year. The project is still subject to the approval of the Rural Utilities Service and the Kansas Corporation Commission. See the RES press release.

In the Wichita area, the Butler County Board of Commissioners has given approval to one project while denying another. The board approved the Elk River Windfarm, to be located about 40 miles east of Wichita. The board denied approval for another project located about 30 miles east of Wichita. Kansas Wind Power, LLC had proposed the second project, which was apparently rejected because it did not meet the requirements of the county's comprehensive plan for development. See the last two major items in the minutes of the Board's January 28th meeting.

Kansas Wind Power signed an agreement with Padoma Wind Power, LLC in late January with the intent to develop 500 megawatts of wind power over the next three years, most of it located in Kansas. Despite the setback in Butler County, the company still plans to achieve that goal. See the Kansas Wind Power press releases.